Welcome to our website

We're Zeke and Kama Hele, and we thank you for visiting our website. Here, you can see what we're up to since it's hard for us to write to all of you...you know, because we have paws. When someone makes pens we can hold, we promise to send each of you a letter. Really! We mean it!

Zeke: I'm the orange Tabby on the left here. I got my name from the farmhand on the Wizard of Oz who ended up being the Cowardly Lion in Dorothy's dream, but there's nothing cowardly about me! ROAR!

Kama Hele: Well, Zeke already told you he's the tabby, so if you're smart, you know I'm the black kitty. I like walks in the park, warm summer nights, a good book to eat...errr...I mean read.

Please visit as often as you like to see us grow (and get into trouble! You'd be amazed what we can do within 1,000 square feet of living space).


Zeke and Kama



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